Summer camp stories - totally flooded hotel room

International meetings such as Erasmus + projects bring together people from all around Europe and some other countries. Every nationality is different and we have many things in common, but we can’t judge people, according to their nationalities or stereotypes. But sometimes some stereotypes don’t lie.

This funny story comes from an Erasmus+ project in Italy. You can imagine this event as a kind of summer camp. Well, I think everybody experienced some so-called „Barbie“ roommates, who spent hours in the bathroom. My Armenian roommate spent in the bathroom literally an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening! Well, that is not very respectful towards the other roommates. I had barely 5 minutes to brush my teeth every morning! Our roommate Arpi was carefully combining clothes, hairstyle, and make-up to perfection while she was thoroughly looking at the mirror. One evening, after 10 minutes in front of the mirror, she said: "Am I beautiful?" And she turned to us, waiting for the compliment. That was Arpi.

You don't use make-up?

To make a bigger picture, this Erasmus + project was really as a summer camp. The program was busy from early mornings to late evenings. There wasn’t even much time left for sleeping. I was glad to go straight to bed every evening!

One morning, after I had to clean my teeth in the corridor sink (bathroom was full), she asked me curiously, "You don’t wear make-up at all?" I answered: “Well, only for very special occasions”. She commented it: "Well, you have a boyfriend, so you don’t have to anymore." LOL, It was very hard not to laugh 😀 Well, we laughed at this later on with Matěj! ?

Arpine, camp stories

Next evening, they told us that we are going to attend “survival treasure hunt”. 40 hours out of our base camp. Just minimum amount of items was allowed such as sleeping bag, headlight, and clothing. Forbidden to take is food, money (including credit cards), groundsheet or cellphone. Great, for me it sounds like a perfect adventure! But not for everybody! Arpi looked pretty frightened when she found out about this game.

Totally flooded room

I guess you need to sleep properly before such an event, so I set the alarm clock a few minutes before breakfast. When I woke up, I wanted to find my backpack. Oh my god! It is wet, did I spill something? I climbed off my bed and tried to open my eyes properly. Damn, why is the whole floor wet? There was literally a pool inside our room. Without exaggerating - 10 cm of water all over the room! I heard only the sound of the shower – Arpi was having a shower! I instantly knocked on the bathroom door. After 5 minutes she finally came out of the bathroom with a confused expression on her face. "What's wrong?" – Nothing, just such a small flood 😀

I am still wondering how long she had to have a shower to make a flood like that. And most importantly, how couldn’t she notice that the water is overflowing? Moreover, such an amount!

Sponge flood, camp stories
Sponge flood

Meanwhile, we tried to find a mop and guys from the room below us came “What the hell happened?” It is raining from our ceiling! Nobody was able to stop laughing ? That was a very nice beginning of our survival game. ? One of the organizers brought a bag full of sponges. Hmm, it probably won’t work. The mop was a better idea. Well everybody was laughing about this story until the end of the “summer camp”.

And if you are interested in how Arpi survived the survival game - she made it, although it was quite hard for her, we think it was definitely a good experience, especially for her. The best memories are always of games like this!

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